Khrysos Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ: YGYI) Launches B2B and Direct to Consumer Web Interface for FDA Approved Hand Sanitizers

Orlando, FL, May 4, 2020 – Khrysos Industries, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Youngevity International, Inc.​ (NASDAQ: YGYI), a multi-channel lifestyle company operating in three distinct business segments, including a commercial coffee enterprise and its commercial hemp enterprise, today announced the launch of an e-commerce website for its new line of hand sanitizers. The landing page ( targets both businesses and consumers with products available for immediate purchase.  The hand sanitizers have been approved by the FDA and are being produced in Khrysos’ nutraceutical grade facility in Orlando, Florida.

“We began shipping hand sanitizer on April 7, and we’re so pleased to part of the solution for a product that remains in short supply,” said Dave Briskie, President and CFO of YGYI, about its wholly-owned subsidiary Khrysos Industries. “This website should provide seamless access to our customers, where they can find important information and purchase this much needed hand sanitizer.”

Money in Your Bank

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Credit Score Myths And Facts Explained By National Debt Relief

The article starts off by highlighting the importance of financial knowledge. There are times when Ignorance may be bliss, but not when it comes to credit scores. Lack of knowledge, or knowledge that’s inaccurate, can damage credit scores, which will cost people money in higher interest rates or keep them from obtaining new credit when you need it.

One of the top myths people believe in is feeling secure with their score when one of them is good. It is important for consumers to remember that there are three credit-reporting agencies: TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. Each agency may have different credit information reported to it, so the credit report from each one may be different, resulting in different scores.

Another credit score myth people believe in is thinking their college degree has any pull with how their credit score is calculated. The most a college degree can help with credit scores is to provide people with a better chance of securing a good paying job. This, in turn, can help consumers make on-time payment with their financial obligations. But to think that a college degree will help with credit score computation is just plain myth.

The article also explains the myth of how a bad credit score can keep job-seekers from landing a job. There are some states which have made it illegal for potential employers to consider a person’s credit when he or she applies for a job, while others strictly limit the usage. However, there are some companies in other states that can look into it especially when the job position is financial in nature. The good thing about it is that many employers who do check credit will give job applicants a chance to explain why they have bad credit.

To read the full article:

Thank You James Reilly and Brooksite GP

We would like to  thank James Reilly of Brooksite GP, who tells us,

We want to announce a new promotion for small businesses/start-ups, an accounting & tax service package for $195 per month, first month free. The service is designed around cloud-based accounting applications and the expertise of our seasoned accountants, to deliver a cost-efficient, accounting service alternative for business owners.

These 3 Small Cap CBD Stocks Could Benefit with Passage of the 2018 Farm Bill

These three small cap CBD stocks could benefit nicely with the Passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. It should lead to a Flurry of M&A Activity in the #CBD Sector including this recent development, Canopy Growth Corp. CGC said Monday it has been granted a license to process and produce hemp in New York state. The company said it is planning to invest $100 million to $150 million in a New York base, capable of producing tons of hemp extract.

Established Players such as: American Premium Water, Corp. (OTC: HIPH); EnviroTechnologies International, Inc. (OTC: ETII and Medifirst Solutions (OTC: MFST)

American Premium Water, Corp.

American Premium Water, Corp. (OTC: HIPH) the marketer and distributor of the first hydro-nano #CBD infused beverage on the market, is another company in the CBD space that has been linked to a larger, established beverage company. It was reported that American Premium Water’s (OTC:HIPH) CEO had met with National Beverage Corporation (OTC:FIZZ), the manufacturer and distributer of various beverage brands, including the premium carbonated brand LaCroix, to discuss a potential partnership or minority investment. This would make a lot of sense for National Beverage, whom has also been besieged by its own scandal involving arsenic with its signature brand LaCroix. American Premium Water HIPH announced that it acquired proprietary #CBD hydro-nano formulations, which National Beverage could utilize for its line of beverages, including LaCroix. An entry into the burgeoning #CBD space for HIPH would re-invigorate the company, and they would be able to scale very quickly their wide distribution network a #CBD infused beverage where there is a lot of thirst for product. Breaking news on HIPH: American Premium Water Corp. announces Financing Arrangement at a .40 Valuation. HIPH is currently trading at .08

EnviroTechnologies International, Inc.

EnviroTechnologies International, Inc. (OTC: ETII) is in a good position to take advantage of the burgeoning Hemp/CBD Pet industry. ETII’s products are poised for greater distribution now that the Farm Bill has passed. ETII also markets and sells green, environmentally safe products and solutions to the Oil and Gas and the Food and Agriculture industries as well as consumer products, using the Company’s unique technologies, which include proprietary machines that create electrolyzed oxidative water. #CBD Health Co. launched a sister fitness and media company that will market fitness hemp-based products and health films, Phytolife Fitness and Media will release weekly videos on CBD health, meal preparation, and normal incorporation of our products into their diets, daily regimen and lifestyle. ETII also develops and markets proprietary, synergistic products for the oil and gas and agriculture industries as well as wellness products. The company’s products are safe, natural, and non-toxic and “green” products for industries that often show little concern for the environment but are now feeling the social and governmental need to go “green.” The company’s completely green and natural products are proprietary, unique and highly effective innovations to its target markets including #CBD. OTC:ETII has been climbing up the charts recently. Please visit: for more information on ETII

Medifirst Solutions

Medifirst Solutions (OTC: MFST) is an enticing Small Cap company with 3 amazing businesses: the new CBD business, FDA approved Laser and specialty pharmacy drugs. MFST has a Very low Stock structure. Medifirst MFST has completed an agreement with Dr. Gupta Pharma LLC to distribute a line of premium CBD oils. As the President of the American Pain Association, Dr. Gupta believes that #CBD, used under the guidance of a physician, can play a significant role in reducing pain and helping to curb the opioid epidemic. Medifirst Solutions (OTC: MFST) established in 2011, has an FDA cleared revolutionary and innovative laser technology and in a recently announced new division, offers specialty pharmacy drug and consulting services. MFST just announced huge news. Concierge Concepts Rx (CCRx), a division of Medifirst Solutions, has signed an exclusive three-year Specialty Pharmacy Consulting Agreement with a New Jersey based, billion-dollar company that owns 153 convenience stores including pharmacy services. They have 4000 employees in New Jersey and New York locations. There is no hotter sector in the pharmaceutical industry than specially drugs. Industry analysts project the total pharmaceutical industry to exceed $483 billion in 2020. Please visit: for more information on MFST





Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) and NASDAQ Sign New Trading Technology Agreement

STOCKHOLM, Sweden and LAGOS, Nigeria, (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nasdaq (Nasdaq:NDAQ) and The Nigerian Stock Exchange (“The Exchange” or “NSE”) have announced that NSE, which services the largest economy in Africa, will continue leveraging Nasdaq’s matching engine technology for its equities and fixed income markets for an additional five years. Further, NSE will also continue utilizing Nasdaq’s SMARTS Market Surveillance technology to monitor its market for manipulation, including spoofing and layering. NSE has been a Nasdaq client since 1997.

NSE extends matching engine technology contract for an additional five years

“We are delighted to extend our matching engine technology contract with Nasdaq,” said Oscar N. Onyema, OON, Chief Executive Officer, NSE. “Adopting best in class technology is vital for running our modern and competitive market as well as allowing us to stay agile in the face of an evolving ecosystem. The Exchange intends to remain at the forefront of innovation and will actively seek ways to leverage new technologies to drive the growth and development of our market”.

“Over the course of our relationship, NSE has made—and continues to make—significant strides in innovation and revolutionizing Africa’s capital markets,” said Paul McKeown, Senior Vice President, Market Technology, Nasdaq. “By continuing to utilize the Nasdaq Matching Engine, NSE is supporting African investors in creating durable wealth in the Nigerian market, while providing seamless market access to international investors by leveraging our technology’s industry standard connectivity protocols. We look forward to partnering with NSE in the years ahead.”

Nasdaq’s world-leading market technology powers more than 250 of the world’s market infrastructure organizations and market participants, including broker-dealers, exchanges, clearinghouses, central securities depositories and regulators, in over 50 countries with end-to-end, mission-critical technology solutions.

Source: NASDAQ




Thank You Mexican Peso!

If you are like me when trading you are careful when choosing which exotic pairs to trade. High commissions, lack of information and liquidity are always the reason why people are skeptical when trading exotics.

You have heard for years how horrible the Mexican economy is, in reality, Mexico is the 10th largest Economy in the world and its currency; the MXN or Mexico Peso is the most traded Exotic Currency currently in the Market.
Most of the time I get questions about how volatile MXN is and that trading in MXN is just risky, which is true but given the interest rate differential, it makes it a pretty good long-term option in my view.

Trading Exotics, it’s not always a good investment, so you should be careful and trade only with the correct information available. I am currently following all there is to know on fundamentals, the major companies and most importantly the Banco de Mexico that provides amazing information on their website. Also among other resources, I have started following economist Dr. Teodoro Lavin Sodi who seem, to be a main figure for MXN Technical Analysis in Mexico, in my opinion, his analysis and views of the MXN and the Mexican market are brilliant so if you are trading Peso you should follow him also.

Investing in the Peso

When I started trading Peso I was in the same bucket as everyone I was not too sure, I did not want to plunge into positions without knowing all there is to know and honestly I was unsure about the Mexican Economy until a friend of mine showed me its profits, I for one wanted to know more and started digging to be better informed about the Currency Pairs involving Peso.

Having prime information is essential, do your analysis and find the right news sources, the news is helping me to understand Mexico and other emerging markets so that I can more intelligently trade before moving forward with any position.

I look forward to profiting more from Mexican peso and learning more on what and how things impact the economy, also look for clues when trading. For example, recently Sodi tweeted:

#Mexican Peso Still #Bearish after climbing to 19.11 in (#USDMXN), continues to #trade within Small Downtrend Bearish Channel.

To some, I would think it would be better if the Peso was more Bullish like we want for the rest of the stock market but for a day trader having key levels and an idea of what to look for is very important. So understanding fundamentals and key technicals including other available information better will help me to become a more informed investor as well. Perhaps, I might even decide an investment in the Mexican Economy would be a good plan.

We shall see.

Surge Holdings a Small Cap on the Move

OTCQB: $SURG is a Small Cap Telecom/Fintech revenue machine that has over 68 Million in assets… 1.6 Million cash in the bank…1.4 million in monthly recurring revenue & growing geometrically through both expanded distribution and addition product offerings. Surge’s Revenue Opportunity is off the charts

Surge Holdings $SURG a publicly traded company offering wireless telecom services, payment services and an industry changing virtual wholesale distribution portal for retailers.  Surge focuses on the 77 million individuals with no contract cell phones, the 51% of the population that has below grade or invisible credit. Surge utilizes emerging technology to improve the quality of life for the Millions of people that are unbanked, under-banked, and overlooked. The budget conscious who do not want to be locked into contracts, the millions who cash checks and pay bills at the over 300,000+ Corner stores, markets and bodegas near their homes multiple times each week. This is where the Surge plan provides a competitive advantage to grab amazing market share.

A recent independent research report for SURG stated: “The key metric for investors: An estimated $1.5M in monthly revenue per 1000 stores, which should be continually replicated with greater sales penetration over time.  The most recent shareholder update stated a target of 15,000 retail locations by year-end 2019. This equates to $22.5 million per month in topline revenue. Current revenues are approximately $1.4 million a month, so this is a 16 times or 1600% increase.

Blockchain Portal

SURG utilizes their proprietary Surge Pays Blockchain Portal to create a distribution railway into these stores. The basic service is “top off to other carriers” payments, where customers can pay any cell phone carrier in cash. Surge then bundles other wireless services, wireless phone sales, municipal government payments, pre-paid debit cards branded with the big three, MasterCard/Visa/Discover. The industry game changer is the distribution portal.  This is software that the retailer uses to order Surge products that is also tied to their bank account. Opening the door to distributing consumables such as energy drinks, CBD oils, snacks, etc. Before to distribute a product into these “mom and pop” stores you need a sales force to actually pull the door and make the sale. Now companies can offer their products through the Surge Pays Portal. The retailer orders their products, Surge processes the payment and issues the PO, the vendor drops ships the product.  Much like how people use Amazon Prime. This opens the opportunity for companies who could not afford national sales forces or fleets of deliver trucks to offer their products on a nationwide basis. Truly game changing!

SURG rings the cash register so many different ways!

Preferred Wireless and Payment Provider

SURG is being endorsed as the preferred wireless and payment provider.  Here’s a great example: The recent Oklahoma Grocer’s Association endorsement was for 2,000 C stores just in 1 state! There are over 154,000 convenience stores in the United States. This does not include grocery stores, liquor stores or other potential distribution locations. We are talking less than 10% market penetration for a management team who has grown this same type of service to over $17 million a month in a private company without having the prepaid wireless! This is a broader product, which should be able to get broader adoption!

The Surge team led by CEO Brian Cox has generated hundreds of millions in annual revenue in private companies. Now in the public sector his model for business building over the last 18 years has proven success.  It is based on the rock of recurring revenue from life enhancing technology products and Lifting people up. He is continuing to do that now in Surge. By building an OTCQB up to the big board so that shareholders who believe in the company now can take the profit ride up with the company!

When was the last time you seen a company where revenue led price by this much? When was the last time you saw an OTCQB with earnings and such a power team? SURG is it!


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