Trying to Identify a burnt object that fell from the sky

Unknown Object

Over the past year, area resident, Jeff Kramer, Wellsville, has been trying to find out what an object was. Perhaps “trying to find out,” is the wrong words.  Maybe, confirming would be a better choice.  Kramer described the object, in a series of emails,

The object was found connected by wires to 9-volt battery that also had been burned.
The object was found connected by wires to a 9-volt battery that also had been burned.

The object is “pear” shape and size.  It is composed of molted/charred plastic presumably TPU thermoplastic polyurethane (grey in color), a stainless steel spring can be seen in the second and third picture and an insulated wire extending from top to bottom curving around the spring.  The third picture shows the object in its entirety:  two separate copper wires coming out of the top; 13ft of copper wire that is intertwined with its self; and one end of the wire is crimped with a small “L” copper connector and the other may have the same but is covered in molted/charred plastic.

Fall from the Sky

Before getting into all that, let’s back up. It was January 14, 2018, a snowy evening, when Kramer and his wife Barbara seen a fiery object falling from the sky.  A few days later, Kramer found a burned object in his backyard.  What was it?  Was it from Tiangong-1, the Chinese space lab that crashed on April 1, 2018? Sure this piece landed in mid-January, two-and-a-half months before the space lab crashed.  Still, though, could it be that a piece fell from the lab weeks ahead of its own fall? It had been disabled for a while before that eventual and expected fall.

These were questions, that Kramer, himself was asking.  According to, if a piece of this space station, or any other rocket or satellite you should not touch it.

So, what should you do if you find a piece of what you think is space debris? “The best thing to do is to contact your local authorities,” Pearlman said. “They will contact the federal authorities and arrange for the proper collection and appropriate return to the Chinese government.” –

Reporting and Investigation


Using a dental x-ray machine, Kramer and his dentist attempted to view inside the object.
Using a dental x-ray machine, Kramer and his dentist attempted to view inside the object.

He did that, but the Miami County Sheriff did not contact the federal authorities. Over the course of the past year, Kramer as contacted numerous people to inquire about the object.  He contacted former Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins, Congressman Roger Marshall, and even Vice-President Mike Pence.  Some have written him back,  some did not respond.  Kramer was undeterred, he wanted to know what it was.  He had to find someone that would take it seriously and tell him what this object was.  Was it from Tiangong-1?  As Kramer told the Gazette (January 27, 2019) there is plenty of hypotheses, but still no validation.



HIs determination, to figure out what the object was led him to his dentist who agreed to take images of the object.  There were six x-rays that were taken and then stitched together. Inside the object, one can see more wires and springs.  Still though, not any definitive proof as to what the object may be.

Since then, he has located a chiropractor that agreed to take digital x-rays of the object, which shows a somewhat clearer image of the inside, including previously unseen springs. Still, the question remains is it space junk?  Why hasn’t anyone from NASA or the Federal Government, in general, come to look at it?   For Kramer, his search for answers continues.