LaTurner responds to Senator Suellentrop’s Offensive Twitter Comments

 Following U.S. Senate Candidate Jake LaTurner’s announcement of exceeding his campaign’s first quarter fundraising goal, Wichita Senator Gene Suellentrop tweeted his personal feelings regarding LaTurner’s run in a statement that included unfounded personal attacks on LaTurner’s role as a young father.

screenshot of the offensive tweet
screenshot of the offensive tweet

In response to this personal attack, LaTurner and his wife Suzanne issued the following statements:

“My wife Suzanne and I are greatly offended at Senator Suellentrop’s attack. His comments are a cowardly attempt to apply social shame against us for our parenting without a full knowledge of the facts,” said LaTurner. “Raising our four children to be God-fearing, civic-minded, good people is the most important work of our life. I read to them almost nightly. We go play ball in the back yard; we go fishing; we go to mass together every Sunday. We feel blessed every day. We also try to teach them about service and sacrifice for our community, our state, and our country.

In the future, Gene should be a man, pick up the phone and give me his judgmental comments personally.”

Suzanne LaTurner added:

“The accusation that Jake would not be present for our children is repulsive to me. He is actively engaged in their lives and will be an ever-present dad if elected the United States Senate.

Jake is an amazing father. We made the decision to run for the Senate together because we love our state, our country, and want to safeguard our children’s future. We hope every day we are the parents God wants us to be. We hope Senator Suellentrop respects that in the future.”

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