Beacon Christian Academy Plans Major Infrastructure Revitalization Project

BAYONNE, N.J. –(BUSINESS WIRE)– The respected Bayonne institution aims to grow its technology, IT and security capabilities by the end of summer 2019

Beacon Christian Academy on Tuesday unveiled comprehensive plans to update its campus infrastructure, including a wholesale revamp of its technological capabilities, a school-wide I.T. refresh and the implementation of state-of-the-art security cameras. In an era when many religious schools in New Jersey are facing an economic downturn, Beacon Christian Academy continues to grow steadily due to shrewd recent investments and strong, visionary leadership.

The ongoing growth and modernization of Beacon Christian Academy is largely credited to its principal, Reverend Donna Kelly. In the past few years, Rev. Kelly discerned a new vision for Beacon Christian Academy, one that continues the traditions of Christian virtue and the pursuit of godliness, but that also tends to the unique needs of an educational institution in the modern era.

In updating her school’s infrastructure, Rev. Kelly aims chiefly to ensure the safety of all her students and provide them the technology necessary to excel in today’s demanding and competitive academic climate. The infrastructure revitalization project includes 60 cutting-edge security cameras, access card-only entry, systems that allow you to observe and track who enters and exits the buildings at all times, comprehensive rewiring and updated copiers. The affiliated First Assembly of God, Bayonne church will be significantly updating their security and infrastructure along with the school

“We want to make sure our people are safe, secure and in the best position to succeed in their spiritual and academic lives,” said Reverend Donna Kelly on Tuesday. “This means giving them the tools necessary to succeed. With these infrastructure updates, our parishioners and students will get new, updated technology and advanced security. By investing in our infrastructure, we’re really investing in the success of the wonderful people here.”

The Beacon Christian Academy revitalization project is slated to begin this spring.

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