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Walmart is Closing 9 Stores, Eliminating Graveyard at Others

BENTONVILLE, AR — According to Business Insider, Walmart quietly closing nine stores in eight stores including,

one Walmart Supercenter in Lafayette, Louisiana, and seven Walmart Neighborhood Market stores in Arizona, California, Kansas, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Washington.

The article reported that most of the stores will close on April 19, 2019.  This after they closed 269 stores in 2016 and another 60 Sam’s Clubs locations last year.

The full list of closing Walmart Stores is below:

Supercenter Location:

    • 1229 NE. Evangeline Trwy., Lafayette, Louisiana

Neighborhood Market  Locations:

  • 3900 W. Ina Road, Tucson, Arizona
  • 1600 Saratoga Ave., San Jose, California
  • 712 N. Western Ave., Liberal, Kansas
  • 3603 Broad River Road, Columbia, South Carolina
  • 2501 University Commons Way, Knoxville, Tennessee
  • 7000 Iron Bridge Road, North Chesterfield, Virginia
  • 2864 Virginia Beach Blvd., Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • 7809 NE. Vancouver Plaza Dr., Vancouver, Washington

Walmart Neighborhood Markets are about one-fifth the size of a Walmart Supercenter, and they are typically in areas that are more than where Supercenters are located. These stores focus primarily on selling groceries,

according to the Business Insider article.

Eliminating Graveyard Shifts

In other reports, the company is also reportedly cutting hours at least one-hundred of its 24-hour locations.  While several reports say one-hundred, the report from Bloomberg says three-hundred.

Although Walmart would not confirm what stores will be affected by this change.

Walmart Inc. is cutting the graveyard shift in hundreds of stores while also expanding the use of a labor-saving product sorting machine — the latest efforts by the world’s largest retailer to whittle down expenses across its sprawling U.S. operations.

The company is eliminating the overnight shift that restocks the aisles at about 300 stores, and will aim to transition those employees to other hours. The impacted stores are primarily smaller ones with lower annual sales or customer traffic. At the same time, Walmart’s expanding the use of a backroom conveyor system that takes boxes of products from trucks and scans them to speed their delivery to the shelves. The so-called “FAST Unloader” machine will be in 1,700 stores by the end of the year, up from 400 now.  – Bloomberg

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