Goo Gone

Another homemade cleaning recipe that I have found is for Goo Gone. To make it, you need gasoline and natural citrus oil.

Take a small (pint size is good) jar with you when you the next time you pump gas. Put a bit of gas into that jar.

Now you need to turn your attention to the citrus oil. Put the rinds of three large oranges into a closed gallon of water (i.e., a gallon milk jug full of water) for ten (10) days. After which time, you need to strain out the rinds. The water left will be nice and oily, full of citrus oil.

To get the homemade Goo Gone mix one part gasoline to four parts of the citrus oil / water mixture. Put it in a spray bottle. That’s it, homemade Goo Gone.

Thanks Trent