(PR NEWS)Surbaugh Midwest Buys Online Cookbook site.

D. Kevin Surbaugh, owner of Surbaugh Midwest (http://midwest.surbaugh.com) announced this week that his company had completed the acquisition of My-Online-Cookbook.com (http://www.my-online-cookbook.com) for an undisclosed amount. The website which was sold by Socrates Socratous, Long Beach, CA, and his Bloober Hosting Solutions (bloober.com), is a site to view, post and exchange free of charge recipes and household tips. With over 100 recipes and tips the site is growing and according to Surbaugh, he “expects it to be the premier website of its type by the end of the year,” with thousands of recipes.

Surbaugh Midwest is a company based in Topeka that does a variety of things, from lite hauling services to recycling to web design. Among their other online properties are Surbaugh.com (a website that links the companies business’ and creates a web portal for those with the Surbaugh name. Also the company owns KevinsView.com, which is one of the many blog sites that expresses the writers views on various busiess and political news. Surbaugh, said the company is small and struggling, but with this new acquisition, the companies online presence should become viable.



All I can say is I hope this site works out, for the parent company of Kevinsview.com